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18 Maple Still Kicking!

Wednesday, 9 / 19 / 18

The dust is slowly starting to settle from our move from 18 Maple Court to 175 Benton Drive over the last two weeks. With the move, the subscribers and people in the know have been ecstatic for what this new space means for CPC as a brand and for us as professionals. Personally, I’ve received several concerned inquiries as to what is happening to 18 Maple Endurance Training. To me the answer is simple, nothing. To most, I can see the reason for concern. Allow me to help clarify, and take you back a few years as to why I chose the name I did.

To all those that expressed concern, I get it, 18 Maple Endurance Training is no longer at 18 Maple Court. However the name isn’t something I pulled off a mailing label. In a blog that I posted last year in July of 2017 I wrote, “18 Maple is a tribute to my roots and to those who have had my back from the beginning. There may come a day when our physical address is no longer 18 Maple Court and that’s okay because we will continue to honor our history.”

The decision to use the name 18 Maple is a reflection of my gratitude and a tribute to where everything began to fall into place.

I couldn't have anticipated the move to 175 Benton Drive a little over a year later. The decision to name 18 Maple Endurance Training after our address was indeed a tribute and a reminder of where my personal and professional worlds began to merge. My career at CPC started in 2014, months prior to qualifying for my first IRONMAN World Championships in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. The support I received from Geoff and Mike, my growing number of clients, and the loyal subscriber base as I trained was something that meant more to me than words could express. The decision to use the name 18 Maple is a reflection of my gratitude and a tribute to where everything began to fall into place.

As I already mentioned the name was not something I pulled off a mailing label. The association of the word Maple and the way it is presented with the Maple Leaf is a representation of my roots. The miles and hours spent training are long and knowing your WHY and the people behind you is important. The Maple Leaf takes me home to the days spent in our family Sugar House making some of the best tasting syrup I will ever have. The maple leaf is a sign of strength, love, and honest hard work. It is a how I was brought up, it’s how I train, and it’s how I coach. It keeps me pushing when I wonder how much more I have to give.

Call me sentimental. I’m okay with that.

A handful of years ago my Dad retired from his sugaring hobby. This summer our little sugar house, in a state of disrepair, was pulled down to make way for a long awaited garage. Several weeks ago Continuum Performance Center left 18 Maple Court for its new digs at 175 Benton Drive. 18 Maple Endurance Training is alive and well. Regardless of location 18 Maple Endurance Training’s roots and what it represents doesn’t require a physical space. So, the next time you lace up your sneaks or clamp a set of clips down on a barbell remember the work and people that helped you get there. Honor them, then get after it.

Sarah Kelly