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2017 TEAM CPC Year in Review

Wednesday, 1 / 3 / 18
Amber Tobin

This year has been one of the most challenging but also one of the most impactful.

It has demanded true self reflection and growth. One of the biggest challenges I came to face was gaining the confidence to step into a place that was already well developed and create my own brand. But being surrounded by such strong minded, educated, talented individuals, made the transition of learning how to that much easier. Being a Performance Coach became my full time job. With laterally studying for my full Strength and Conditioning Specialist Certification while working, it was hard to give my full attention to either. I had this conception that once I passed my test, I would know all the answers. HA. That was beyond far from true. Yes it lifted a huge weight off my chest and I was thrilled to have my CSCS, but the work never just ends there. It only created a whole new door into questions, progressions, learning, and excitement. Constantly seeing and doing different exercises, changing programs on the fly, I finally understood what my colleagues meant when they said nothing is ever going to go exactly the way you plan it.

The transition from being a student-athlete to the real world would still hit from time to time. Learning how to balance everything in a whole new way was tough. Especially going from a structured schedule that never truly changed to one that changed everyday. That was a huge adjustment for me. But that was just a little hiccup. I was still missing something. As the months went by my excitement to expand and apply my coaching skills was yearning. It was subdued for only a little while when we traveled as a team to the Perform Better Summit in Providence Rhode Island. We heard from educators and coaches in our field, that again, added to my coaching library and blew my mind. Their down to earth mannerisms and genius statements were a fresh reminder of why we all do what we do. Yet still, this left me itching for more. So, TPI was my next adventure. TPI stands for Titleist Performance Institute. It is a premier development center that uses a natural approach and innovative technologies to help golfers improve their performance. Having been a rotational athlete myself, the science and language behind the body connection was fascinating. I attended their two day Level 1 seminar and little did I know this would soon become my next big quest. I am now expanding my golf world and eager to see where it takes me. I am lucky enough to work with many sport specific athletes who I can relate to. Even those who aren’t rotational specific, need that in their life. Everything we do is not just one big straight line. This made me realize, I found my niche. Rotational Sports is my wheelhouse. It leaves me feeling both nervous and awakened.

The work as a coach is never finished. I relearn that everyday, every session, every new challenge. And it truly is all thanks to each and every one of you. Whether you realize it or not you make US better too. We have to problem solve everyday for each individual we work with day in and day out. Which is also the fun in what we do. One day is never the same as the last. I have created in replace for needing that “set schedule,” that my set schedule IS that is will without a matter of fact change. I am beyond excited to see what 2018 holds for myself, CPC, and all of you!

Sarah Kelly

This year was a BIG year for me. I’ve looked back at the most recent events and wondered how did I make that happen to only have to go all the way back to the start of the year to realize when and where it started.

On January 1st 2017 I had set a goal of running 17 miles. It wasn’t just to run a ridiculous amount of miles to kick off the new year. I was using it as a marker to say this was going to be a year of really going for those “things” that had been pulling and tugging at me for awhile. A Facebook post with the hashtag #BigThingsIn2017 would remind me as much.

Those “things” were intertwined in both my personal and professional life. For there to be success I would have to find a way to balance both. In October 2016 I’d finally decided it was time to throw my hat back in the ring and signed up to race IRONMAN Mont Tremblant. That Fall my Endurance Training business, 18 Maple, was growing roots and positioning itself to start becoming a recognizable name and brand under the CPC umbrella.

February saw the official launch of 18 Maple Endurance Training. The mission of which is to provide individualized training programs as unique as the athlete requesting it. Specializing in IRONMAN, Half Distance Triathlon, Marathon and Half Marathon programming. With the launch of 18 Maple came an incredible logo and icon that catches the eye and pops off of the custom tri kits and jerseys rocked across many finish lines this year.

18 Maple had eight individual athletes training one on one successfully cross local, regional, national and international finish lines. Additionally, 18 Maple helped a handful of other endurance athletes successfully cross their finish line goals through the 18 Maple memberships, educational workshops, or classes offered by CPC. In August the 10 Week Hartford Half Running Programming was launched in which eight more individuals took advantage of specifically planned day-to-day workouts, access to CPC classes, access to the 18 Maple staff now featuring running specialist & Registered Dietitian, Carolyn Stocker, as well as educational opportunities provided specifically to help those athletes cross the finish line in Hartford.

Striking a balance between my responsibilities at CPC and 18 Maple, attempting to go not just for a finish at IRONMAN Mont Tremblant but a qualifying spot to Kona, and giving myself time to breath was very difficult. It’s safe to say I didn’t do it as well as I should have. Big goals became very overwhelming and I found the only way to keep moving forward was to continually make smaller ones. If 2017 has taught me anything is to take care of the little things, trust in the process, and trust in yourself. When creating, launching and wanting everything 18 Maple to be perfect froze me in my tracks I had to back up and go small. Do the little things to help build it. When the idea of what I would have to do to qualify for Kona became to much I had to reminded myself to trust in the process and that the next workout was what was important. Everything would fall into place.

Eventually everything fell into place. 18 Maple, while still small and less than a year old, has created some traction. By no means is it in a place that I feel comfortable. There is still much to be done, but based the 3 IRONMAN finishes, 1 IRONMAN World Championship Finish, 4 Half Iron Distance finishes, 1 USA Triathlon Olympic National Finish, 4 marathon finish lines, and over 10 half marathon finishes in 2017 I feel confident in the direction 18 Maple is going.

On a much more personal note I have to thank everyone who supported me on own personal quest for Kona. I was backed by several amazing local businesses that truly helped take a big burden off of my shoulders over the course of a year. Financial support was provided by Charter Oak Financial and Continuum Performance Center. Technical support provided by Family Bike. SWEAT Power Yoga became not only a go to for weekly restorative work but a place to acclimate for the heat of the Queen K. Lastly, I must thank all of the individuals that provided donations big and small to help get me to Kona. I was humbled and overwhelmed by the outpouring of support. 2017 was indeed a big year and it is my plan to ensure that 2018 sees just as much growth and success.

Chris Wiltey
Chris Wiltey

2017 was a whirlwind year for me, working for both CPC and Western New England University while at the same time going back to school for my second master’s degree. Usually, by weeks end I have put in 60-65 hours of actual work, which doesn’t include academic work, CPC programming, or finding time to work out myself. Now I am not telling you this to make you care about how much or how long I work, I want you all to realize that the time I spend “working” at CPC doesn’t feel like work. For me, CPC is an opportunity to have fun and spend time with great people. My fellow CPC staff members feel more like friends and family than co-workers, and although I tend to drive them all crazy, I think they would say the same. We get along great, bounce ideas off each other and look forward to helping each other improve as coaches so we can bring a better experience to you, the subscribers.

I have now been a CPC coach for just over two years and have eight to ten subscribers that I work with anywhere from one to four times a week. At this point I have had most of them for almost two years and have gotten to know them on a personal level and consider them friends. I look forward to helping them succeed and improve their health while at the same time enjoying the interactions and conversations.

I have a group of subscribers that include an individual who could only muster up a few pushups when we started and now can do a full hour workout without blinking an eye.

I have someone who started by getting back into working out and now has expanded to half marathons and sprint triathlons.

I have a subscriber who recently became a dad. He has brightened each day I work with him by sharing all the great stories and experiences he has from his first few months of being a parent.

One of my subscribers recently got accepted to Bentley University where he will compete in lacrosse. It has been amazing to watch him work his butt off and mature into the student athlete he has become.

I have someone who refuses to quit and continues to work hard even after several physical setbacks.

I have a young man who went from a shy middle schooler to one of the most outgoing, funny high schoolers I have ever met. He has also hit a new personal best for every single exercise in 2017.

The point is not to single anyone out, the point is to show off the accomplishments you all have from 2016 and 2017. Thank you all for making this job great! Your hard work, dedication and friendship is something I look forward to every single day. I cannot wait for myself and the rest of my CPC family to help you hit new goals in 2018. As a friend, I thank you for all you have done for me and wish you all happy holidays.

Madison Schiltz

2017 was a big year for myself and my career. This was my first year officially full time at CPC, taking on more clients and more responsibility, as well as trying to build my name as a coach. I’ve had many successes in 2017, but with success comes failures. Every. Single. Day. was a learning experience. In 2018 I honestly hope I fail even more because ultimately that is the best way that I learn. I make SURE that does NOT happen again. I think smarter and ask questions. My successes included taking almost full responsibility at WNE, creating great relationships with not only the coaches but the athletes. I am so proud of every single one of those athletes and how extremely hard working they are. If you’ve been following along to our posts, you will see how far those athletes had come in their sport seasons this year. From champions, to finalists, to semi-finalists and individual athletes being recognized for awards. Another success in my book is having the relationships that I do now with my clients. You are all truly amazing and I really love the environment that CPC has to offer that no other place that I know, has.

2017 was a big year in itself because I really believe that I found my specialty. I found a passion for coaching and programming for hockey athletes. Everyone asks “Why Hockey? You don’t play hockey”. This is true. I never played hockey on ice, I’ve only played field hockey which is obviously completely different. But, my reason is that I’m truly fascinated with the biomechanics of a hockey player. I’m fascinated with what their sport entails, the movements behind it. The speed, strength and power it requires, as well as the mental and physical toughness it requires. Then, put all those athletic movements onto an icy surface! It’s amazing to me. Not only that, but with most hockey athletes and teams that I’ve worked with, they all LOVE strength and conditioning. They understand why they need it. And they work damn hard, and ask TONS of questions. They WANT to be better, and that as a coach is all that I can ask for. I promise them that the harder they work, the smarter hockey strength coach I will become. I’m truly excited for what 2018 holds.

Overall, 2017 was my big starting year for my career. I’ve looked at my career goals from 2015, 2016, 2017 and now 2018…it’s mind blowing how different each are. I have to thank ALL my coworkers at CPC. I wouldn’t be who I am right now, or the coach that I am currently becoming if it weren’t for them. Working at CPC, you have to know your sh*t! They all push me and my expectations extremely high, and I’m very thankful to be surrounded in that type of atmosphere. 2018 here we come!


2017 has been one for the books! This past year has absolutely flown by and a lot took place in the 12 months. I kicked off 2017 by attending the NCSA National Coaches Conference in Nashville TN. I gained a lot of knowledge and started applying what I learned with my athletes at WNE as they returned for the Spring semester. I was also asked to be an adjunct faculty member at Springfield College to teach the strength and conditioning course to the non-strength and conditioning graduate students. This was my first time teaching my own class. I learned a lot about myself and became much more comfortable with public speaking and gained self confidence in teaching what I had learned through my education. As the winter months passed I had began my thesis research study for my master’s degree. At points, I questioned my decision to perform a study that included surveys and personal interviews of athletic trainers and strength and conditioning coaches solely leaving the completion of my master’s degree in the hands of others praying they would respond and agree to participate. As March came and went I turned the wonderful age of 26 and reality struck when I was no longer able to be under my parents for health insurance and “adulating” truly began. The month of April seemed to disappear and the reality struck of not being a student anymore and entering the real-world once again. As a staff, CPC took providence and the perform better summit by storm and left with a wealth of knowledge and ready to bring CPC to another level! After returning from the summit the remaining of the summer was a stressful not knowing my future until the day in July when Geoff left me a voicemail telling me I had a full-time job at CPC! I was told by one of my mentors that “you don’t know what it’s like to be a head guy until you are head guy”. That could not have been more true. Starting at American International College this fall and being responsible for the programming and implementation of all 22 athletic teams. I have learned more about myself as a person and as a strength and conditioning coach in the past 5 months. I also successfully defended my thesis in November and can now say I have completed graduate school and have my masters in strength and conditioning. 2017 has had its ups and downs but has been one of the most memorable years to date. I would not be where I am without my family, friends and the CPC staff. Bring it on 2018!

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