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Calling All Seniors
Thursday, 7 / 27 / 17
TAGS: Community, Motivation, Mobility, Health, Seniors
When we think about exercise and strength, our mind does not automatically think of a 65 or even 80 year old banging out hang cleans. However, that does not mean that some type of exercise should not be a part of their priorities. Staying active all throughout your life can go a…
What's In A Name?
Thursday, 7 / 20 / 17
TAGS: Inspiration, Ironman, Training, 18 Maple, Endurance, Business
Since launching 18 Maple Endurance Training in February of this year, I've received numerous inquiries as to why I chose the name 18 Maple. Just this past weekend, while out in a training ride with the new tri kit, I was asked by fellow riders and perfect strangers why 18 Maple?
Get in a Quickie
Monday, 7 / 10 / 17
TAGS: Motivation, Workout, No Excuses
Workout that is!! It's that time of year again when our schedules are a mess. We're traveling, on vacation, and bouncing from place to place. "How are your workouts going?" "Not good I'm so busy, I've been traveling, the kids this the kids that, I just can't find the time"…
Be Inspired by Them. Motivated for YOU.
Thursday, 7 / 6 / 17
TAGS: Motivation, CPC, Headspace, Confidence, Your best self
Today we share a throw back blog from June of 2014. Message still the same!