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Good Reads
Wednesday, 12 / 20 / 17
TAGS: Motivation, Reading, Inspired, Books, Self-Help, GoodRead, De-Stress, Holidays
Going into the holidays, we tend to lose sight of ourselves… or our friends and family do. Maybe you are really motivated and just want to get fired up. Maybe you just simply want a good read. Maybe you’re feeling a little stressed and need some help finding your path again.…
Positive Self-Talk
Thursday, 12 / 7 / 17
TAGS: Challenge, Sports Psychology
The topic I am going to address today can either be “heard” or just brushed off, that is up to you. And I am not just talking about what you are about to read but rather what you tell yourself. Have you given yourself a self-check lately and asked yourself how you are taking…
Put That Cookie Down….Just Kidding Go Ahead And Have One!
Monday, 12 / 4 / 17
What I want to talk about is all the HOLIDAY GUILT that has already started, or is coming up for people.