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What’s Your Posture? And What Does it Mean?
Monday, 3 / 26 / 18
Good Posture; one of the single handedly most important things you can do for your body. “Keep your shoulders back”, “Stand up tall,” “Stand proud,” we’ve heard it all our lives. Well, it’s not joke. Here is why:
Screw Diets
Monday, 3 / 19 / 18
TAGS: food, Precision Nutrition
When you think about it, food really is a journey. Quite the prophetic statement if I do say so myself, re-read it, go ahead let it sink in a little bit….
PIQ - What’s The Buzz All About?
Tuesday, 3 / 13 / 18
TAGS: Exercise, heart rate training, HIIT, mental toughness, group classes, technology, wearables
Maybe you’ve noticed the addition of multiple PIQ classes throughout our class schedule, most recently with the addition of Tuesday morning at 6am. So, what’s the buzz around this class that you keep hearing so much about? And, why should you be taking it?
Subconscious Function
Wednesday, 3 / 7 / 18
TAGS: #movement, #strength, #mobility, #coaching, #performancenetwork
It seems everywhere I look, I am witness to an unnecessary (or unhealthy) obsession with perfect movement patterns. Now don’t get me wrong there is absolutely no part of me professionally condoning allowing people to move “shitily” but the craze has gone TOO FAR, and, in many…