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Spring, Sunshine, and … SUGAR Self-discipline!
Monday, 4 / 30 / 18
TAGS: sugar, hydration, electrolytes
As the warmer weather approaches (if it ever decides to stay) so does our itch to get out, socialize, and enjoy the sun. There are sneaky ways in which our routines and diets will alter. Today’s focus… the master of disguise of sugar.
So Many Meals(ervices), So Little Time
Tuesday, 4 / 24 / 18
So it seems lately that all I talk about is food during my blog posts. This week is no different, just going to keep the food train a-rollin'! Plus it fits in with my current course of study aaand I kinda used to be considered the "food guy" around here anyway, fell off that…
Establishing A Performance Mindset
Wednesday, 4 / 18 / 18
TAGS: Mindset, Attitude, Thinking, Emotion
Several weeks ago the staff at CPC and a handful of other lucky individuals were treated to an in-service presented by Chris Nentarz a Physical Therapist, Performance Specialist, and Master Instructor for TRX based out of Buffalo, NY.
Sleep: How much do we need?
Monday, 4 / 9 / 18
TAGS: Recovery, Sleep, Circadian Rhythm
Sleep is a vital key to recovery and overall health, especially for those who are training. As you sleep, your blood pressure decreases, your breathing becomes slower, muscles become relaxed and blood supply to muscle increases. This all leads to greater tissue growth and…
Feet, Ankles, Lower Legs, Knees, Hips or Back Pain… Let’s Fix Your Feet!
Tuesday, 4 / 3 / 18
TAGS: Feet, Reduce Pain, Plantar fasciitis, Achilles Pain, Knee Pain, Back Pain, Barefoot
The feet have become an interesting area of study for me in the last few months, and it has become so apparent to me that this part of the body is being overlooked, especially when it comes to pain in all parts of the body. You might roll your feet every once in a while, but are…