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Thursday, 12 / 27 / 18
TAGS: Performance, Endurance, Sport Psychology, Pain, Limits, Metabolic Training, Cycling
We’ve all felt it. We’ve allowed it to dictate how we respond to injury. We use it as an alarm bell, warning us to stop or back off.
If the shoe fits wear it!
Tuesday, 12 / 18 / 18
TAGS: Training, Weightlifting, Shoes, Shoe Type
My first question to you is what type of shoes are you training in? Are they specific for the type of training that you do day in and day out? Think about it for a second. Now think about this, would you wear a basketball sneaker to run in? No probably not. If you are primarily…
Factors Related to Performance & Injury That are in Your Control
Wednesday, 12 / 12 / 18
TAGS: Mobility, Performance, Nutrition, hydration, Body Composition
If you read my last blog, it covered the factors that are out of your control related to performance and injury (such as travel, stress, sleep, and past injuries). In this blog, I’m going to piggyback off the last blog and talk about factors that you can certainly control, and…
Defying the Holiday Seasons
Wednesday, 12 / 5 / 18
This time of year becomes a challenging time for many people. Between the crazy schedules, family and friend gatherings, work deadlines and everything else in between we often tend to put our own priorities on the back burner. With such a giving and thankful time of year it is…