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Be About It

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Be Brave Enough to Suck at Something New
Wednesday, 11 / 27 / 19
TAGS: Mobility, Movements, Mentality
This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend a Baptiste Yoga Teacher Training. The entire weekend was dedicated to learning, developing, and working with one another. Not just in a yoga sense, but forcing each other out of our comfort zones and trying out new techniques.…
Off-Season: Who Needs it? You Do!
Thursday, 11 / 14 / 19
TAGS: Endurance, Off-Season
Today’s blog, while relevant to all, will be most applicable to my endurance loving pals. I’ll challenge all readers to stay with me and see just how an endurance athlete’s mindset is really no different than most if you put your own professional, personal, or recreation spin on…
Embrace the Suck
Wednesday, 11 / 6 / 19
TAGS: Knowledge, Inspiration, #beaboutit, #human, #perspective
This blog today is not about the mental or physical toughness that surrounds something but rather the perception of it all and how we put things into a space. HOW you express yourself is going to manifest…