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Ain't Nobody Got Time For That

Wednesday, 11 / 18 / 15

How often do you take a day for yourself? A day to enjoy great weather, friends, quiet time on the couch catching up on the DVR, anything really as long as it's not "work". Some may say, "Yeah, I take the whole weekend." Others may say and I'm going to guess the large majority, "Ain't nobody got time for that."

Until recently I was guilty of the later and here's why.

There are always programs to write, sessions to run, classes to prep for and execute. The daily challenge to provide original and well planned sessions is real. You as subscribers want a workout that will challenge you and help achieve your goals. I take that very seriously, and that takes time. Time away from the office to plan and program accordingly.

In September I enrolled in the Ironman Coaching Certification. Becoming an Certified Triathlon coach was been on my to-do list for a while now. It's a natural next step in what I do at CPC and as a triathlete. With little hesitation and understanding of how extensive the process would be I enrolled. Upon my first login I was put on a 90 day clock to finish. To give you some perspective the program is an online learning platform consisting of 11 very specific and very detailed modules and 1 final assessment. Since September I've felt like I'm back in college trying to squeeze extra time into a day to get everything done. My 90 day window is closing quickly and the stress is mounting.

There is always a self-imposed expectation to train. Getting a workout in is not as easy as it once was before I joined the staff of CPC. I could train all day long and no one would miss me. Striking a balance between my time and the time needed to dedicate to the CPC subscribers is a challenge. Let me be clear, I love my job. Getting back to an "elite" training level is a stress that I feel. I don't want to be a flash in the pan. Will I ever make it back to Kona? Who knows. Will I do an Ironman again? YES! When? I have no idea.

My stressors may not seem like much but they're real. Each of us carry our own stressors. Life, work, and personal goals. All of which can very easily take over our week and before you know it, it's time to do it all over again. I am 100% guilty of working every day of the week and taking little time to rest and recharge. Amber blogged a few weeks ago about just making time and I whole-heartedly agree however, there are times when you have to put the to-do list away and enjoy life for a little while. Regardless, of how many sessions I have to program for or days ticking away from my Ironman Certification it is far more important for me to Take A Day. I'm more productive. I'm rested and looking forward to the week. I feel sharp and ready to cue up Monday 6am TRX Fit.

So the next time you find yourself trapped on the rat wheel just scurrying along slow down and remind yourself to Take A Day.


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Sarah Kelly