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Be Brave Enough to Suck at Something New

Wednesday, 11 / 27 / 19

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend a Baptiste Yoga Teacher Training. The entire weekend was dedicated to learning, developing, and working with one another. Not just in a yoga sense, but forcing each other out of our comfort zones and trying out new techniques. What continues to become more and more clear to me over time, is the huge crossover between the strength and conditioning and yoga world. Both as a coach and in my personal fitness, I consider the two as the yin and yang of my training method. They compliment each other in a way that can’t always be seen. There are overlaps between the body movements, mobility, mentality, and breathing.

Many of the individuals who were in attendance were already teachers. Yet every single person in the room was humiliated (whether they expressed it or not) at least once. The experience created a “new” way of physically and mentally viewing the process. It forced us to get uncomfortable.

Below are just a few of the staples from this past weekend that really resonated with me. Keep reading to see which mantra may cause you to change your routine and “suck” at something new. That’s where the growth happens.

Do the simple things savagely well
Jim Kiritsy
  1. Drop what you know;
    • Training - Get out of your OWN way. Stop doing the same movements over and over. Are you always super sore in one particular area? Do you complain about the same injuries? Decide how to change it up this month. Consider decreasing the weight of an exercise and focus on tempo. Consider changing your stance from bilateral to unilateral and work on breathing through the movement. Don’t be afraid to switch it up, you might just find new limits.
  2. Keep it Simple;
    • “Do the simple things savagely well” - Jim Kiritsy
      (Just because you saw something really cool on instagram doesn’t mean it is performed right or right for YOU) Consistency over complicity. Most success will come from nailing the foundations of movements. Not sure where to start? We are here to help!
  3. Hold Space;
    • Stop talking and try listening. Stop overthinking an exercise and try breathing. Stop overwork i ng and try slowing it down.
  4. Find Your Edge;
    • Find out what it is you want to accomplish and set a concrete goal. Consistently work towards that goal and face the new challenges that may arise. Go after it fearlessly.

How you choose to perform physically and mentally in a weight room, yoga studio, or even at work show up in your daily routine. It often rolls over into your personal life. Being able to recognize this will help transform the way you view things and how you wish to accomplish new ones. Don’t be afraid to SUCK at something new. Everything you feel comfortable doing now, once began as new. Find out what it is you want to change this season. Fail at it, fail again, and keep going.

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Amber Tobin