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Be Thankful.

Thursday, 11 / 26 / 15

Be grateful.

I have been thinking a lot about Thanksgiving these past few weeks. It has traditionally been my favorite holiday for as long as I can remember. It is one in which new traditions have been easy to create because it’s not tied to religion. I am in no way trying to sound like an atheist, but it has always made the day about your tradition and creating traditions vs. having to carry out traditions.

Today we stand on the eve of Thanksgiving. A day that was declared a national holiday in 1863 by President Lincoln that we have done what we as Americans always do gluttonize that entire thing. Somewhere along the line it became about what your favorite side dish is and what time are you eating dinner because you might go to two places. Not so you can say hello but so you can eat two meals. A day that now has three NFL games so that we can be assured not actually to talk and connect with the company around you. A holiday that started as a celebration of a successful fall harvest has been warped into an overindulgence of many things.

As you start to think about your day tomorrow I ask you to be very open and upfront with yourself and those around you about what you’re thankful for. Don’t take the easy road either. “I’m thankful for my health” – WTF does that mean to you? Do you mean that you’re happy you don’t have cancer but not thankful enough to do 30 minutes of exercise every day? “I’m thankful for this meal” – because you know it’s going to be delicious & you didn’t have to cook it? Or are you grateful you can take a day of rest with your family and friends under a protected roof and financially afford to place a meal on the table? Get into what you’re grateful for and enlighten yourself as to just how many wonderful things you have around you.

I thankfully work is busy, and I have to work every day.

I'm thankful I didn't grow up thinking families were perfect, and shit is hard.

I'm thankful I got a job as young as I did and always kept one.

I'm thankful I blew out my knee because it reminds me to slow down and re-evaluate things.

I'm thankful I have seen what alcoholism does to a person, so I am mindful of my relationship with it.

I'm thankful I have people who love me.

I'm thankful I can afford a car.

You’re right there is always something else to drive towards but never forget what you have. Be thankful!

- GS

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Geoff Sullivan