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Calling All Seniors

Thursday, 7 / 27 / 17

When we think about exercise and strength, our mind does not automatically think of a 65 or even 80 year old banging out hang cleans. However, that does not mean that some type of exercise should not be a part of their priorities. Staying active all throughout your life can go a long way, so I am taking this time to bring awareness to the amazing opportunity we have created for ANY local seniors. We offer a TRX Fusion class at the Ludlow Senior Center twice a week and the best part is that you don’t need to be a Ludlow resident! Now, I know some of you may not be interested and might not even finish reading this, but pay it forward and reconsider. Run through in your mind who might benefit - family member, neighbor, friend, etc. This just might be the change they need!

Why incorporate this class? Great question. These four reasons:

    Balance Stability Flexibility Strength

    Simply put - those four foundations are extremely beneficial in every individual's life, no matter what age. This does not have to be a prescription; it can lead to PREVENTION. Think about what would happen if you did not add any strength or balance into your schedule. When your grandchildren visit or you want to take a trip that requires a lot of walking, will you be ready? How about just every day chores? Being able to reach to the top shelf to grab a bowl, moving laundry, keeping balance up stairs, playing with your pet. These things matter and they can disappear overtime without us even realizing. Something as easy as getting up and down from the floor can become not so simple. Even though seniors are classified as 65 and older, we all know that there are a wide range in this category. Whether it be a chronic injury or lack of movement, this class gives an opportunity for each individual to progress at THEIR rate. An exercise may be prescribed and you can look around the room seeing it performed three different ways. That is the beauty of progression and regression.

    The most common response I get when I tell someone they should join us, is, “Oh no, I wouldn’t be able to do that!” But 9/10 times they can! It is nothing to be intimidated by, rather be empowered by having tools to keep you on your feet so you can move better and longer.

    With all new beginners, we first start by focusing on a few foundational movements:

    • Squat
    • Push
    • Pull
    • Lunge
    • Hinge
    • Rotation
    • Plank

    Within each of those categories, there are endless opportunities to explore different styles and types of exercises. Depending on how each individual progresses determines their capability of certain movements as well as the level of difficulty they reach in a certain amount of time. The class creates a sense of community and safety knowing you are able to accomplish daily tasks with that much more confidence. Why wouldn’t you want to feel like a rockstar?!

    If you know anyone who may benefit from this style training, please reach out to them. Any and all are welcome! Every Tuesday and Friday morning from 9:00 -10:00 am, TRX Fusion class is offered at the Ludlow Senior Center. Throughout this hour, I instruct participants (male or female) to focus on movements using the TRX Suspension trainer, TRX Rip Trainer, and body weight exercises. These two TRX tools are the perfect complement to a balanced program hitting all areas. On top of a good sweat, there are many friendships and laughs that follow.

    For more details contact Amber at

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    Amber Tobin