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Embrace the Suck

Wednesday, 11 / 6 / 19

Embrace the suck, rise and grind or suck it up buttercup. I think almost all of us have heard one of these expressions before. There are still many ways in which people articulate this same point. 

This blog today is not about the mental or physical toughness that surrounds something but rather the perception of it all and how we put things into a space. HOW you express yourself is going to manifest…

When approaching a difficult task or something that is going to demand a lot of you, we can all agree we need to be in the right “head space”. When we articulate “embrace the suck” it associates to the negative. The mental perception of the situation is that of survival, rushing to a conclusion or just hoping it isn’t as bad as we’ve made it out to be in our mind. But what about the journey?

What is it that you’re doing and WHY?! If the situation is truly that unbearable, nauseating, upsetting or unpleasant. Don’t embrace any of it. Immediately work to create solutions and if not possible remove yourself from this toxic environment.


"If a frog is placed in boiling water, it will jump out. 

If it is placed in cold water that is slowly heated, it will not

perceive the danger and will be cooked to death." 


I would like to use one of the most obvious examples for this platform. Someone pushing themselves physically for, “the it”. I mean, this is a fitness and wellness blog. A heavier lift, faster mile, farther stretch, landing a complex movement pattern, etc. To be “in it” (training for this) you have made the commitment to yourself to enhance athletic performance and you have established certain criteria to get there.

If ‘it’ is constantly looked at as being painful, negative and wanting it over than your brain is going to develop an aversion/wanting to avoid “it”. You’re not enhancing, you’re establishing the foundation of stagnation and a lack of results. This can look like rushing through repetitions while lifting, not being mindful of how your body moves or counting down the seconds just wishing it to be over. The result is missing out on the elation of adaptation.

It’s not about embracing the suck it’s about celebrating that your body can complete the task at hand. Whether that is completing a proper squat, your first push-up, running repeat 300s or completing a marathon… you’re able to accomplish ‘it’ and self- acknowledgment from a place of positivity is critically important here.

This isn’t just something that starts and stops when we think of physical fitness, no no. This spills over into our personal lives ALL THE TIME. If we can simply redirect the conversation we have with ourselves, we can transform the environment itself. If you proclaim that you “have to go make dinner” this immediately becomes a negative. Being mindful of what words are expressed and proclaiming that you are preparing dinner and making something nourishing for yourself than THAT carries with it a positive association. Some other quick ones:  

I get to pick so-and-so up at the airport and excited to catch up with them on the ride.

I am attending a conference on __________ and excited to learn some different views.

I’m bringing _______ to their game on _______ looking forward to:

  • Catching up with other spectators/parents
  • Making hot chocolate to beat the cold
  • Seeing another game because they enjoy me being there so much

Personally, I work on this language every day. I am asked often as to how work is going or how the businesses is doing. I’m very careful when crafting my response to ensure that people understand that I love it. Every day is ever-changing and filled with physical and mental challenges and I wake so thankful that I get to pursue my passion each day. I am fortunate to connect with hundreds of individuals and indirectly impact thousands every single day. I get tired, I get overwhelmed, and I experience struggle to find balance. But one thing I am mindful of is to never complain about how fortunate I am to be where I am. It is an honor.

So, my challenge is to give yourself five minutes at the start of the day. Reflect on what it is that you have in front of you, WHY it is on your plate and what would you like to gain from it. Then craft your language very particularly and ensure that those around you can support YOU.

People are inclined to support you. If you’re negative they’re inclined to mimic your energy.  If your language is positive they will not only enhance that, you may instill some self-reflection thus redirecting their point of view and infuse positivity in their own day.

Be the reason someone smiles today. Not because of what your day is about but rather allowing them to find the happiness in what they’re up too. #Beaboutit

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Geoff Sullivan