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How Do You Get To The Finish Line?

Tuesday, 3 / 28 / 17

Endurance training is synonymous with miles, and lots of them. Aspiring to take on your first 5k, set a PR in your next marathon, or survive a 3 day charity ride for cancer takes not only a commitment to completing the goal–it requires training.

Where do you begin? Do you say the heck with it and just lace up the shoes and go run for as long and as hard as you can? Do you say, “Eh, I’ve got this” and throw any idea of organized training out the window and hope for the best? Do you rely on a professional to help organize and structure training, taking into account your personal goals, level of experience, and time available to train?

The miles for most endurance athletes are not the problem. Getting from point A to point B is what we do. The trouble with getting from point A to point B is how the miles are managed and what is supplemented beyond the miles. Consider your personal training program. Are the principles of progression, specificity, and overload being applied? Are they being applied correctly? Are you adding in mobility, nutrition, strength, stability and recovery strategies? It’s a lot to think about. Do you have a reliable, knowledgeable professional you can talk to about your training? Maybe your head is spinning from reading too many blogs, magazine articles on quick fixes, or following Instagram posts from an overly fit runner sporting all the right gear on a picturesque trail with the sun rising.

Where do you begin?

How do you get to the finish line?

Allow me to bring you back to my first question. How do you get to the finish line?

This is exactly the question that led to the inspiration behind 18 Maple Endurance Training.

18 Maple Endurance Training is for the athlete looking to fully invest in their individual training journey with 1 on 1 coaching. Your miles and training strategy are managed specifically for you. 18 Maple is for the endurance athlete wanting to supplement their training beyond the miles with strength training and guidance from reliable, knowledgeable professionals. 18 Maple is for the endurance athlete just looking to sit down and talk about their current training program and how a few changes could take their training to the next level.

18 Maple Endurance Training was founded to provide endurance athletes of all disciples an opportunity to enrich their training with a philosophy that honors quality over quantity and individuality of training. Getting to the finish line is a not just a journey but a process. Trusting the process is critical to success. As an extension of Continuum Performance Center, 18 Maple Endurance Training is able to bring you a level of specialized training that caters to the process of endurance training. Miles are managed. Mobility and stability are addressed. Strength training is encouraged. Recovery and reload are vital. You will find it hard to find the same level of experience, attention, and collaboration from career professionals under one roof.

I’ll leave you with a new question.

How can 18 Maple Endurance Training get you to the finish line?

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Sarah Kelly