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Importance of a Positive Culture

Wednesday, 9 / 5 / 18

Culture can be found everywhere - businesses, the military, politics, and most commonly athletic teams. All levels of athletes including high school, college, and professional all have their own culture or lack there of in some cases. Culture is defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as “the way of life of a particular people as shown in their ordinary behavior and habits, their attitudes toward each other and their moral and religious beliefs”.

A great example of a positive culture can be found within The All Blacks Rugby team, one of the most successful athletic teams in the world. They have 5 culture and leadership secrets but one that stands out the most is “Champions Do Extra”. To them this means that they need to find ways to do more in the gym, on the field, and for the team. They focus on continual improvement, the creation of a continual learning environment, and a willingness to spill blood for the jersey! As a team, they are all in and this is key in order to be successful.

If the teams culture is negative then that can also play a large role in them not being successful in their sport.

For athletic teams, the athletic department including administration, the coaching staff, and support staff must continually instill positive culture in their athletes in order for them to buy in and become successful in not only their sport but in life. We have all seen teams at all levels who do not work as a unit and therefore they are not successful. Lack of culture plays a big factor in that. If the teams culture is negative then that can also play a large role in them not being successful in their sport. A negative culture can also be a tough hole to dig out of and may take time for that to occur. Another example from the All Blacks team is a quote that reads “Better people make better all blacks, but they also make better doctors, lawyers, bankers, businessmen, fathers, brothers and friends”.

A positive culture can be contagious. If a team, employees or any group of people who are working towards the same goal have a positive culture they will be more likely to be successful. So, go out there challenge your teammates, colleagues or coworkers to push it to the next level to be even more successful! Don’t talk about it. Be about it!

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Rob Bouchey