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Meal Prep Pick-Up?

Wednesday, 2 / 13 / 19

As a lot of you may know some of the coaches, myself included, have been doing a meal swap for lunches throughout the week. There are 5 of us that participate so each of us makes 5 or so meals over the weekend and on Monday we all swap so that each of us has 5 different meals to eat Monday to Friday. For roughly the last 10 weeks we have done this and it has been awesome. Not only do you get 5 different delicious home-cooked meals to eat each week but you stay consistent knowing that you have other people relying on you for food for the week.

Meal prepping is a really great habit to get into regardless, but when you are able to do it with other people it makes the experience much more fun and less of a “weekly chore”. I highly recommend/challenge anyone to try to do that same thing with a group of your friends or co-workers. Give it a shot.

Now, that brings me to the real question of what I wanted to use my blog this week as a platform for. IF something like this doesn’t sound appealing to you OR if your schedule is really just too busy that you can’t find the time to do it. Would an alternative meal “service” be of interest to you? If you had access to meals that could be ordered ahead of time for either lunch and/or dinners and picked up at a convenient location….say CPC, would THAT be something you would be interested in?

To be honest this has been something that we have been thinking of for a while but haven’t had any real viable options to work with. And no I am not spending my Sunday’s cooking up 100 meals to pass out to all of you, you guys are great but sorry, that’s not going to happen. However we may have a solution.

Please stay tuned over the next couple of weeks, we’ll have some more information to come in reference to this. In the meantime if you have questions, comment or want to let me know that this is a great idea or a stupid one, I’m all ears, let me know.

Happy Prepping!

TAGS: Time Management, Nutrition