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Missed the Boat

Monday, 2 / 5 / 18

In telling this quick story there might be some slight variations (let’s call them minor inaccuracies) from the real “true” story. (Sorry, Geoff). For those that may not know the backstory about where the CPC name was derived from, here’s a little insight. Way back, 8ish years ago when Geoff was planning his creation of a space where he could torture people without being hindered by outside forces, and from within which he could amass like-minded individuals to help carry out his vision of world domination, CPC was born.

Continuum; A continuous sequence in which adjacent elements are not perceptibly different from each other, although the extremes are quite distinct. (Thanks, Google, count this as my citation)

The goal or mission of CPC, Continuum Performance Center was always to create and/or provide a number of outlets, people, practitioners, coaches, doctors, etc. along the Continuum of fitness, wellness, or health. We were, are and always will be the “exercise” or “fitness” element but we had always wanted to provide the other adjacent elements to our subscribers, by either offering them in-house or by having trusted, knowledgeable and local referral partners. Knowing that each one is as important as the next in creating a whole, sound, healthy and well person. Need a massage? Here go see this person. Need a physical therapist? Here, we trust and work with that person. Need a chiropractor? This person is great go to them. So on and so on.

One area that we have kind of “missed the boat” on is the element of food and nutrition. Not for lack of trying but we have had a hard time finding that right fit in a person or organization. We have tried and offered some programs in the past but it’s something we have never quite been able to grasp and something none of us on staff are qualified to to handle.

Fall of 2018 will see additions to the offerings at CPC, a new Nutrition platform will be launched and available to everyone.

Fall of 2018 will see additions to the offerings at CPC, a new Nutrition platform will be launched and available to everyone. April, will mark the start of a journey I will embark on. I will be starting the coursework for the Precision Nutrition Level 1 Nutrition Coaching Certification. After doing some research and digging into what would be a good fit as far as certifications we settled on PN. The courses and everything will take around 4 months to complete and from there I will have the knowledge, skills, ability and most importantly the certification to help people and be the in-house go to resource for nutritional concerns. Looking forward to starting this and excited to see how I can start to work with our subscribers in a different capacity.

2018 has already shown signs that it will be a busy year filled with new additions, ideas, concepts, programming and other things. Stay tuned, especially toward the end of summer and into Q4 as we roll out, launch and add more elements to our Continuum, even beyond what I’ll be doing with PN1!

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