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Play That Funky Music!

Tuesday, 5 / 16 / 17

Last time I talked about grunting, and all the other noises you make in the gym, and how that may affect your workouts. I'm taking a similar approach this week and talking a little bit about how music can affect your workouts.

Sound systems have evolved over the last 6 years. At CPC, we started out with a multitude of different rigged and hot wired systems with a mish-mash of different speakers, receivers, and iPod/iPhone plug ins. It worked okay, and got us through, but when it didn't, it was pretty infuriating. Now that we have upgraded to the nice Sonos system, there are much fewer interruptions. We only have issues if our network is having issues. But does music really make a difference? Short answer, yes. It probably seems like a no brainer, but there are a few legitimate reasons why.

I've read a few articles about this topic and have found that first and foremost, music is very person specific. What I like and what gets me pumped up may not be the same for you or anyone else. Here are some of the more common affects music may have on a person while they exercise.

  1. It acts as a distraction - if you're focused on the music and singing the lyrics, you're probably less likely to notice your legs burning from the 5 minute wall sit someone is having you do (I would never do that to you guys…)
  2. Helps keep your pace - doing something repetitive or for time/distance, like running or cycling, can be influenced by the music you are listening to and it can help you keep a rhythm. Faster music = faster run.
  3. Gets you fired up - we all have that song(s) that get us amped up and in the zone. It gets us ready to go, ready to kick some ass, and it gets the adrenaline/endorphins going a little bit. Again, a little more on this coming up soon.
  4. Boosts your mood - music is shown to be a mood booster and get you going. Maybe you weren't really feeling like working out, so put on a few of your favorite tunes and see if it gets you motivated. It may put you in a better mood so you can get out there and give it hell.
  5. Makes you wanna move - music has also been shown to make people move. It could be a foot tap, head nod, drumming on your desk, or breaking out into your own full-on rendition of Footloose. Either way, go with it and move and break a sweat.

Now comes my short anecdote for my blog entry today. Like I said earlier, music is very specific from person to person. Some people like country, some rock, others like hip-hop and rap. I happen to know firsthand that one particular staff person at CPC had PR'd multiple times to Sam Hunt's "House Party.” Of course, with all due respect to the current HIPPA laws, this person shall remain nameless. But check out their Bitmoji .

In case you were wondering about the Sam Hunt song, here's a link so you can check it out for yourself.

In closing, we here at CPC try to play a pretty good mix of music and I think we do a pretty good job. So get out there, crank the tunes, and break a sweat... maybe even throw a House Party!

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