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Skip the Scale - It’s Just a Number

Tuesday, 3 / 14 / 17

Yes, we’ve all heard it, yet some of us still refuse to believe it. This is a topic I have gone back and forth with whether or not to open. Reason? Simple. People usually just roll their eyes and push it to the side, or look at me like I don’t know what I’m talking about. I felt inclined to say something because, as a girl, there is a LOT of pressure about image. We face it every day. Growing up, it was always “look this way, dress that way, say this, say that” - an overload of outside sources influencing our idea of ourselves all the time. I have finally come to peace with it, so why the heck should we not talk about it? Get uncomfortable and face the reason as to why it means so much to you. Your ego and excuses probably come running forward. I am going to tell you something…you’ve wasted years caring about that stupid number you see on the scale.

NUMBERS are just numbers.
MUSCLE weighs more than fat.
Height to weight ratio - It matters!
Muscle tissue is approximately 75% water (DRINK WATER).
Fat tissue is approximately 20% water.

In order to actually recover and gain the progress you have been working towards you need to supplement your body the correct way. If you’re really hydrated and full… don’t count on the number being as low as you would like. Energy levels can say a lot more than digits. You might even come to realize you can eat more as long as it is the right fuel. I have been the same weight for a couple years now. I could guarantee that anytime I stepped on the scale this past year it would be anywhere from 140-150 lbs. I actually prefer to be closer to 150. While my weight is the same, physically I have felt and seen my body drastically change now that I am no longer involved in a sport every day. Some good changes, some bad; it all depends on how you look at it.

There will always be something as long as we let it bother us. We all go through a fluctuation. We all go through different stages and experiences. We need to accept that and challenge it. Body image is the key point here. I am not here to lecture or try to change your self image. Habits are meant to be broken, including the one of you telling yourself what you “should” look like. That may mean something different for everyone. Identify what changes you can make one at a time rather than all at once. You’ll start feeling like the best version of yourself. If you do one thing, please come to terms with yourself. Step off the scale and step into your goals. Instead of constantly nagging yourself, wake up every morning and remind yourself that you are lucky enough to roll out of bed and have the chance to chase your better.

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Amber Tobin