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The Top Eight Most Ridiculous Pieces of Exercise Equipment

Tuesday, 9 / 19 / 17

It’s true… don’t always believe what you read or see on TV or in a fitness magazine. Companies will create some of the most ridiculous things and will spill lies just to get your money. As fitness professionals, it’s almost comical to us of some of the things that are out there and that “GUARANTEE” results in just 30 DAYS! After reading this and seeing some of the things that are out there, you might start to feel that much more grateful that you ended up here at CPC rather than spilling your money on pretty embarrassing products trying to get those results. Hope you enjoy the laugh!

1. Sketchers Shape Ups

This shoe was THE thing that you needed to get in shape… I remember seeing everyone in them when I was younger, and advertised everywhere! These hunky chunky shoes were supposed to increase your caloric burn, improve posture, and give you a nice big booty for just $80! Kim Kardashian was the one who even showed them off on TV, so they MUST work! Mmmm… not so much. To me, it looks like a nice way to sprain an ankle, get plantar fasciitis, and gain a few inches in height.

2. AB Lounge

I swear that everyone and their mother had this thing in their living room. It was the “ULTIMATE ABDOMINAL MACHINE” claiming to get you those six pack abs you’ve always wanted! You could watch TV while you were getting your six pack abs on, or even take it to the beach! Let me just ask you as question…. Did you ever really see anyone get those 6 pack abs that ever had one of these? I know I didn’t. Looks like a bulge disk waiting to happen for me!

3. The Thigh Master!

This was the easy, portable, inexpensive piece of equipment to tone those inner thigh muscles and get those sexy hips you always wanted! All you had to do was just sit and squeeze those thighs! Ya… I don’t think anyone ever ended up looking like Suzanne Somers. Maybe this might only be beneficial if you want to the break the world record for the number of watermelons broken between your legs in a minute. But even then… just no, Suzanne Somers…. Just…. No. Stop.

4. Body by Jake

There are MULTIPLE pieces of equipment here that Jake created. I remember my parents even had Body by Jake in our living room growing up. Jake’s infomercial shows all these ripped models using these pieces of equipment stating it’s fun, easy, and comfortable! Want to know what it was used for? To hang clothes on. Thanks Jake.

5. Vibro-Belt

This belt was for abdominal stimulation that gives off heat and vibration for ultimate abdominal contraction! All you must do is just sit on the couch and get yourself tickled to death. Then before you know it, you’ll have toned abs!

6. 6 Second Abs

I remember seeing this everywhere! “Get that perfect stomach and lose a pant size in only seven days!”. Just place the machine on your lap, hold the top handle bars and crunch away. I heard it definitely doesn’t do what it says, but it holds the record for breaking the fastest out of any other fitness product.

7. The Abductor/Adductor Machine

You still see this in gyms today, which is mind blowing to me. This machine may be the most useless piece of equipment. It is a machine that is targeted towards women to get their thighs toned and stronger glutes. I could go into the ins and outs of why it’s awful for you, but just trust me when I say to just stick with deadlifts and squats… it will also save you from awkward moments when your legs are spread eagle in this machine and then you make eye contact with someone. No thank you.

8. Last but not least… The Shake Weight

Do I really have to elaborate on this one? I’m just going to keep my mouth shut.
 Tiffany Cooper from San Diego… You do what you need to do, girl.

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