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PIQ - What’s The Buzz All About?
Tuesday, 3 / 13 / 18
TAGS: Exercise, heart rate training, HIIT, mental toughness, group classes, technology, wearables
Maybe you’ve noticed the addition of multiple PIQ classes throughout our class schedule, most recently with the addition of Tuesday morning at 6am. So, what’s the buzz around this class that you keep hearing so much about? And, why should you be…
Exercising While Injured
Tuesday, 10 / 24 / 17
TAGS: Training, Exercise, Injury Prevention
This was a topic that I came up with and wanted to talk about a while ago. I'm now reminded of it because of a few people that I work with have had some minor issues lately, a few other people in the CPC community have had issues, oh yeah and Geoff…
The Top Eight Most Ridiculous Pieces of Exercise Equipment
Tuesday, 9 / 19 / 17
TAGS: Exercise, Workout, Equipment
It’s true… don’t always believe what you read or see on TV or in a fitness magazine. Companies will create some of the most ridiculous things and will spill lies just to get your money.
To Grunt or Not To Grunt?….That is the question.
Wednesday, 3 / 22 / 17
TAGS: Grunt, Breath, Weightlifting, Exercise, Core Engagement
The fact is, people have been grunting since the dawn of time, early humans probably used a series of grunts and other noises as a form of communication. In today’s society grunting may bring about some awkward glances from those around you,…