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Wednesday, 2 / 1 / 17
TAGS: Goals, Ironman, Aspiration, Training, Fear, 18 Maple
SK is back on the blog giving insights into her biggest aspiration and her biggest fear and don’t for one second think you can’t relate.
Thursday, 5 / 26 / 16
TAGS: Goals, Performance, Weakness, Obstacles
It took me almost two years before I saw any progress in my clean. The reason? I chose to continually work on my strengths and ignored the obvious weaknesses in my technique and mobility.
Stress – you need it
Sunday, 5 / 1 / 16
TAGS: Goals, Health, Stress
There are many different ways people conceptualize stress and VAST differences in how it effects each of us. Stress has one of the largest impacts to our overall health more than any other bio-marker
MCT – What is it and why you should be doing it
Wednesday, 3 / 9 / 16
TAGS: Goals, Mobility, Flexibility, Strength
As a staff we have invested a lot of personal time and client time into the ins and outs of Myofascial Compression Techniques. I know the questions still remain, “Really? What is MCT and why should I do it?”
Character. Leadership
Friday, 2 / 12 / 16
TAGS: Goals, Leadership
It’s easy to be a leader when things are going well. It’s easy to show good character when everything is going the way you want it to. True leadership is being there and leading when things aren’t going your way, when everything looks lost. That is…
Be Thankful.
Thursday, 11 / 26 / 15
TAGS: Coaching, Community, Goals, Habits, Holiday Motivation, Lifestyle, Mindfulness, Thanksgiving
Be grateful. I have been thinking a lot about Thanksgiving these past few weeks. It has traditionally been my favorite holiday for as long as I can remember. It is one in which new traditions have been easy to create because it’s not tied to…
Ironman World Championships 2014 - "Sarah Kelly, YOU are an IRONMAN!"
Friday, 10 / 17 / 14
TAGS: Goals, Inspiration, Ironman, Race, Game Face
Grab a coffee, a comfy seat, and maybe some tissues if you're the emotional type because this will might take a while. :)