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Effects of Alcohol on Performance
Wednesday, 7 / 18 / 18
TAGS: Performance, Recovery, Alcohol, Prolong Healing
We have all been there, after an even or competition and all you want is an ice cold adult beverage! Wither you are a college athlete celebrating a big win with your team or a weekend warrior who just completed a fitness event with your buddy’s, alcohol consumption is common.
Monday, 7 / 9 / 18
TAGS: Kohlrabi, Receipe, CSA
Today’s blog is about a curious item I received with in the CSA pick up. Kohlrabi. I’d like to say that I had knew what it was and what it looked like when Mike said he was leaving it for me, but I couldn’t. In fact my initial reaction was, “What the heck is that?”.
Stretching the Truth
Tuesday, 7 / 3 / 18
TAGS: stretch
We’ve been hearing it ever since we can remember… “Don’t forget to stretch” or “You hurt your hamstring? Stretch it”. The phrases go on and on about how much we need to stretch. As you’ve read in my past blogs it could seem that I am anti-stretching, which I’m not.
Off Season Training
Monday, 6 / 25 / 18
TAGS: Training, Off Season
Why Do We Need Off-Season Training? For any athlete, competitor, race, or season there is always an end-point. Quite simply (in my eyes) if you want to become better at what you do, both physically and mentally, off-season is a must for personal growth.
So Many Meals(ervices), So Little Time…Round 2
Monday, 6 / 18 / 18
TAGS: Meal Services
So, in my last blog entry I talked about meal services. To reiterate real quick it was about the delivery services that ship you all the ingredients and recipe cards to make dinner for your family, cuts down on waste, adds convenience to your life, hopefully gets you to eat a…
Summer Hydration Tips & Tricks
Tuesday, 6 / 5 / 18
TAGS: hydration
As New England now seems to be trending in the direction of warmer temperatures and classic-ly humid days there is need to revisit HYDRATION! Namely, the importance of being hydrated, how to determine if you are, and helpful tips and tricks to staying hydrated all summer long.
Biggest Takeaways from Grad School
Monday, 5 / 14 / 18
TAGS: Work, Life Balanace, Ask Questions, Read More
This past weekend I walked across the stage and accepted my master’s degree in exercise science at Springfield College. Even though I completed my coursework in May of 2017 and defended my thesis this past November I wanted the closure of walking across the stage.
To Stretch or Not to Stretch
Monday, 5 / 7 / 18
TAGS: stretch
If you’ve read my last two blogs, I’ve discussed the two topics of mobility vs stability, and the importance of foot strength in relation to lower extremity pain. In those two blogs I’ve only slightly mentioned the concept of stretching, and that it’s probably not working for…
Spring, Sunshine, and … SUGAR Self-discipline!
Monday, 4 / 30 / 18
TAGS: sugar, hydration, electrolytes
As the warmer weather approaches (if it ever decides to stay) so does our itch to get out, socialize, and enjoy the sun. There are sneaky ways in which our routines and diets will alter. Today’s focus… the master of disguise of sugar.
So Many Meals(ervices), So Little Time
Tuesday, 4 / 24 / 18
So it seems lately that all I talk about is food during my blog posts. This week is no different, just going to keep the food train a-rollin'! Plus it fits in with my current course of study aaand I kinda used to be considered the "food guy" around here anyway, fell off that…