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Continuum Performance Center

We understand that every subscriber is different, and we structure our classes, and one-on-one sessions to reflect that. Individual success starts with your attitude and CPC requires ALL participants to be ready to work.

Turf Madness 

Expect high intensity in this new class. Bringing you to the turf and asking you to MOVE! Utilizing powerful explosive movements, change of direction and a few touches of the suspension trainer it's a great way to separate from what you preceived as 'fit'.

Metabolic Mash Up

MMU is NOT for the faint of heart! This 60 minute will leave you looking for the exit, but you’ll be glad that you stayed. A mixture of strength training, cardiovascular training, team or individual tasks, calisthenics, and advanced barbell/kettle bell movements will be used. MMU will take you to the next level. Prior to registration subscribers must meet core competencies of barbell and kettlebell movements.

TRX Monday Meltdown

This class heavily utilizes both the Suspension Trainer and RIP Trainer with the incorporation of other equipment. Positional Competence will be a large focus throughout. 

Saturday Met-Con

In this class you will learn exactly what a Met-Con is through weekly pre-programmed, completely scalable, workouts that will challenge your strength, fitness, mobility, and mental toughness. You will push your body to the limits of your own personal skill level. 

Large emphasis on Barbell Movements here.

Unplug and Reload 

Whether you're an endurance junkie grabbing mile after mile or a fitness warrior trying to get after ALL OF IT Monday's typically have you starting the week like. "Whoa". 

It's time to embrace Unplugging from your many devices and provide your body an opportunity to physically & mentally Reload

Class will provide accountability and direction & direction on how to gain mobility, as well as integrating the power of downshifting to enhance performance in sport and Life. 

Level UP! 

End your Monday on the right note. This class will consist of fire relays, lit challenges and engulf you with the proper way to start your week. 

It's time to level up! 

Met-con Madness

This class is great if you’re looking to further advance your metabolic fitness or crunched for time on the weekend. All movements will require a level of proficiency with the barbell and subscribers are encouraged to work their way into this class.

Rogue Bootcamp (RBC)

A particularly evil combination of strength movements and conditioning drills. The intent is to ensure at the end of 60 minutes no one leaves the room without experiencing pure exhaustion. Be ready.

Body by Biscuit

It's Nick. Nothing more needs to be said. 


Well. Calling this class a swift kick to the _____ was voted down by the group. So, here we are! BOOTS.

High intensity class. Some weeks a body weight Bootcamp style. Some weeks a met-con. All weeks an intense class leaving you not wanting to do a double. 


Using multiple compound movements with weights and no nonsense cardio drills these strength building exercises create a challenging, lifestyle training experience. Be ready to take your fitness to the next level.

TRX Fusion

TRX Suspension Training and TRX RIP Training together in one class format. Every movement pattern through 3-dimensional space, a large uni-lateral concentration and varying resistance principles means you will experience first hand that "proximal stability leads to distal mobility".


Total body circuit will bring a little bit of everything for a midweek midday reset. TBC will bring high intensity cardio, strength building, and mobility work allowing you to attack the rest of the week.


Performance IQ is a different way to approach group training and let you peak behind the Rx. The format will be constructed between aerobic and anaerobic intervals asking participants to give everything they can. Subsequent round start times will depend on each individuals recovering heart rate response. We will work amongst each other but each person will be writing their own script!

Heart rate monitor is mandatory for participation.


Featuring BLOCKS of work, each representing different components of fitness building on the previous. Your Power, Strength & Stamina will be tested as you build up to the final block of the finish. 

10 Hour registration notice is required for all

Group Programming registrations. 

Personal Coaching


We begin with a comprehensive functional screening which we use to develop, design, and implement a program based on those results that will help you achieve your goal.


As with one-on-one coaching, we develop and implement a program focused on you and your partner, designing sessions that will challenge the both of you.

In person appointments are 60-75 minutes in duration and pricing is based on training frequency


Whether you’re an existing subscriber or you want to be, CPC offers virtual coaching so you are never without quality programming.

We compile a personalized daily exercise plan set to target and reach specific goals. Each workout is carefully written out for you to follow and use of the CPC video library is available. You’re paired up with a coach who checks-in with you, monitors your progress, and will answer any questions along the way. One, three, or six-month options are available.

TRX Fit. Strong. Flow

We're taking our traditional 60 and 30 minute TRX Blocks classes and grouping them together for a 60 minute heart pounding, strength building, mobility manufacturing BLOCKS remix to make sure you EARN YOUR BETTER.


Understand the true meaning of “all core all the time". Develop that strong, stable, and tight midsection using timed work intervals, movement through three-dimensional space, and varying resistance principles to ensure you leave with a re-defined appreciation of body-weight training.

TRX Lean

This mobility and core-focused workout combines yoga-inspired movements on the TRX® Suspension Trainer with more traditional strength, stability and flexibility exercises. The Suspension Trainer provides added leverage for more advanced participants to push deeper while also providing greater stability for less mobile or strong participants. A joint-by-joint approach seamlessly blends these approaches into flowing postures designed to increase mobility, improve performance and accelerate recovery.

TRX Fusion

TRX® Suspension Training and TRX® RIP Training together in one class format. Every movement pattern takes you through three-dimensional space, a large unilateral concentration, and varying resistance principles meaning you will experience first hand that "proximal stability leads to distal mobility".

TRX Blast

Concentrated structure of Suspension Training and RIP Training to give you 30 minutes of "all core all the time".