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The Arnold Classic: More Than What "Meats" The Eye
Tuesday, 3 / 7 / 17
TAGS: Community, Inspiration, Strength, Bodybuilding
The Arnold Classic, or also known as The Arnold Sports Festival, is the largest multi-sport festival in the world. There are over 70 sports at the festival that include fitness competing, olympic sports, combative sports, strength sports, dance, team sports, and much more.
Mindset: Growth or Fixed?
Tuesday, 2 / 28 / 17
TAGS: Inspiration, Motivation, Advice, Learning
I recently finished reading “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” by Carol Dweck. An awesome book for anyone in leadership positions, business, or athletics. As someone with experience in the field of athletics, as a player, coach, and strength coach, I have learned that the…
Don't Believe Everything You Read
Wednesday, 2 / 22 / 17
TAGS: Knowledge, Health, Advice, Learning
With thousands of web pages, online services, and apps related to health, it can be hard to find high quality, trusted, relevant resources to meet your needs and the needs of your family.
Your Coach Might Not Be That Different From You
Wednesday, 2 / 15 / 17
TAGS: Coaching, Inspiration, Motivation, Learning, Myth-Busting, Personal Performance
One day, I was having a conversation with an individual about how they were struggling with losing weight. I could hear the frustration within their voice as they talked to me about it. I told them I understood how they were feeling. Instantly, they laughed...
One Size Doesn't Fit All
Tuesday, 2 / 7 / 17
TAGS: Goals, Youth, Seniors, Personal Performance
Training completely depends on your lifestyle, condition, and objective. Each age group and individual is subscribed differently for a reason.
Wednesday, 2 / 1 / 17
TAGS: Goals, Ironman, Aspiration, Training, Fear, 18 Maple
SK is back on the blog giving insights into her biggest aspiration and her biggest fear and don’t for one second think you can’t relate.
The Myth of Spot Reduction
Wednesday, 1 / 25 / 17
TAGS: Myth-Busting, Fat Burning, Firming Up
I’m trying to finally put to bed the myth of “spot reduction.” I’m not that optimistic that I’ll be 100% successful because there are so many other sources that tout and make money off of the contrary. What I mean is that there is no single magic exercise that’s going to give you…
Summit recap(s)
Monday, 10 / 3 / 16
TAGS: TRX, Learning, Staff
On Friday 9/16/16 we traveling to Baltimore, MD for the TRX Trainers Summit. What each of us experienced, learned, observed and took away from this weekend was unique. We had an amazing experience as a team and we got a little bit closer along the way.
Ladies Only Lift
Monday, 6 / 27 / 16
TAGS: Community, Performance, Ladies Lift, Success, No Fear
Not to be Captain Obvious but the title really should give it away, Ladies Only. The program was inspired by, created by, and run by women. This goes right down to how the building is scheduled. From 6:45-8pm on Tuesday and Thursday night the men on staff finish their sessions…
Thursday, 5 / 26 / 16
TAGS: Goals, Performance, Weakness, Obstacles
It took me almost two years before I saw any progress in my clean. The reason? I chose to continually work on my strengths and ignored the obvious weaknesses in my technique and mobility.