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Do This At least Once This Year
Tuesday, 8 / 8 / 17
TAGS: Happiness, Health, Peace, Getaway, Alone
Some of you may or may not know that I am going on a vacation in a couple weeks. This is not your typical vacation, though. I am going to Rangeley, Maine for a week, by myself. When I tell people that, they instantly say, “ALONE?! BY YOURSELF?! LIKE NO ONE?!” Yes. Why? There are…
Calling All Seniors
Thursday, 7 / 27 / 17
TAGS: Community, Motivation, Mobility, Health, Seniors
When we think about exercise and strength, our mind does not automatically think of a 65 or even 80 year old banging out hang cleans. However, that does not mean that some type of exercise should not be a part of their priorities. Staying active all throughout your life can go a…
What's In A Name?
Thursday, 7 / 20 / 17
TAGS: Inspiration, Ironman, Training, 18 Maple, Endurance, Business
Since launching 18 Maple Endurance Training in February of this year, I've received numerous inquiries as to why I chose the name 18 Maple. Just this past weekend, while out in a training ride with the new tri kit, I was asked by fellow riders and perfect strangers why 18 Maple?
Get in a Quickie
Monday, 7 / 10 / 17
TAGS: Motivation, Workout, No Excuses
Workout that is!! It's that time of year again when our schedules are a mess. We're traveling, on vacation, and bouncing from place to place. "How are your workouts going?" "Not good I'm so busy, I've been traveling, the kids this the kids that, I just can't find the time"…
Be Inspired by Them. Motivated for YOU.
Thursday, 7 / 6 / 17
TAGS: Motivation, CPC, Headspace, Confidence, Your best self
Today we share a throw back blog from June of 2014. Message still the same!
Our Take Aways from the Perform Better’s Functional Training Summit in Rhode Island
Thursday, 6 / 29 / 17
TAGS: Coaching, Training
This past weekend the team from CPC traveled to the Perform Better’s Functional Training Summit in Rhode Island. Here are our summaries about what we experienced and positive messages we brought back to share. It is always nice to take time away and work on your business rather…
The Balanced Athlete Through Your Feet
Tuesday, 6 / 20 / 17
TAGS: Feet, Foot Health, Runners, Athletes, Injury Prevention
For those of you who do not know, I went to Colorado Springs last weekend for a Hockey Strength and Conditioning Clinic put on by the National Strength and Conditioning Association. The two-day clinic was extremely insightful as we were being educated by the best hockey strength…
Honky Tonkin’ Recovery
Tuesday, 6 / 13 / 17
TAGS: Lifestyle, Health, Recovery, Advice, Personal Performance
Are you overtraining or over trained? Are you having a hard time taking days off? Do you feel tired and sore all the time? Rest and try finding something fun to keep you occupied while you do.
What's Next
Tuesday, 6 / 6 / 17
TAGS: Goals, Inspiration, Motivation, Stepping Up
I’ve been out of competition for a year now, so I took some time to reflect on how my lifestyle has changed since then. The one glaring realization that I found was that I haven’t made a “championship game” for myself. Sure, I’ve accomplished things that got me to where I am now,…
Life of An Endurance Athlete - Is it Worth it?
Tuesday, 5 / 30 / 17
TAGS: Inspiration, Ironman, 18 Maple, Endurance
Finding a balance between training, work, family, friends, and life’s obligations is a one of the most challenging aspects of being an endurance athlete. Making it all work is often times harder than the actual training. So why do it? Is it worth the struggle of getting up…